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My first blog January 7, 2010

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I sort of feel like I’ve just given birth. For months people have been telling me I need to start a blog. Much like being married and kid-less, you get all kinds of advice about what you should do with your reproductive organs and questions about why you haven’t done it yet. Such was the case with this blog. No I’m not blogging about my reproductive organs… yet; and for the record, I am no longer kid-less, thank goodness. My two children provide me daily entertainment and figure prominently in my musings. But I digress… this is the story of how I came to be a (dramatic pause…) blogger. Four months ago I had a fateful trip to the dentist. As I was sitting in the chair, all these thoughts came flooding into my brain. Some of them were even cohesive and came in the form of complete sentences. I felt like there was a voice in my head talking to me and I wondered where it had come from. I hadn’t been given any nitrous oxide so I couldn’t have been hallucinating. It must have been my own voice sharing its inner monologue with me and it was kind of funny. When I got home, I decided to type it out and chose to share it with my friends as a note on facebook. I have no idea why. I expected to “publish” it to my wall and quickly forget about it. Within hours, three of my friends had commented on how funny it was and my husband was looking at me as if he had never met me before (in a good way). He said, “In 15 years I’ve had no idea you could write like that. That was some funny shit!” Over the next couple of days I had more positive comments and my mom had heard from some of our out-of-town relatives who had apparently read my note and they thought I was funny too! This response intrigued and encouraged me. Somehow, writing this first note opened the flood gates. Suddenly I was hearing this inner monologue everywhere- at home, at  Wal-mart, at the farmer’s market. Every time I heard it, I wrote a note and inevitably someone would say I needed to start a blog. I wasn’t convinced. These people on facebook who were enjoying my writing were my friends and kind of had to be nice to me. I had no idea who I’d run into if I started a blog and didn’t really want to hear that I wasn’t as talented as my friends thought. Also, I thought (and still think) “Who the hell gives a crap what I have to say?” It’s not thought-provoking, won’t solve world hunger or create world peace and is riddled with punctuation errors. Well, fourteen facebook notes and countless suggestions to start a blog later and here I am. If you’re reading this, I hope you’re entertained and please forgive me for my overuse of commas- correct punctuation ain’t my thing. I’ll start by re-posting the note that began it all. I’m not sure what to do with the other ones. When I figure it out, you’ll be the first to know. Feel free to tell me I suck. I’ve got my big girl pants on and can handle it, I promise.