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My inner monologue with myself inside my head put in this blog out in the open for everybody to read.

About January 7, 2010

I am a stay-at-home mom of two children. I have a blog because some people told me I should and also because it beats doing laundry and giving the dog a bath. Hope you find it entertaining. After all, I’m here for your enjoyment- just leave the money on the dresser when you leave.

Update: After having a blog for 5 days now I think I finally grasp the fact that anybody can read this. Anybody. Even people I don’t know. Let me clarify- I’m not a moron. I know how the internet works. As a matter of fact, I used to design web pages back when we coded HTML  by hand and there was no software to do it for you. I was there for the “grand opening” of our company’s intranet and helped move lots of documents off gopher. Do you remember gopher? Okay, I’ll stop trying to impress you now. What I mean to say is, I may not know you- you who are reading this right now and what I’ve failed to recognize is the other side of this relationship. You don’t know me either. So while I’ve gone on writing about my life, I’ve selfishly blathered on and on never realizing that to you it might be like coming into a conversation mid-way. Forgive my rudeness. Let me now introduce myself and the major players in my life:

“Eileen” as me/Laughing Mama

“Arnie” as my husband/best friend/electrical engineer

“Mary” as my daughter/ray of sunshine

“Drew” as my son/smartest (possibly also the funniest) person in the family/”Poopers”

“the dog” (aka: “Tons of Fun”) as the dog (I may refer to him from time to time but he really does nothing but absorb all of our unconditional love, eat weight maintenance dog food and sleep.)

My mom as my mom/woman who gave me life but not her straight hair

I come from a big family and will bring them up from time to time I’m sure. You’ll be introduced when they appear. I also have many friends and we laugh- A LOT- but if I were to ever write about one of them they might not think it was so funny. We’ll see how that goes and if you’ll be introduced. I might change their names to protect the innocent. My husband and kids aren’t innocent so these are their real names.

I have thoughts, I write them down. This is my blog. It’s nice to meet you.


One Response to “About”

  1. adrenalinefrizz Says:

    You are no longer just a wananabe or infamous, you are officially famous. Go get ’em!

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